Any Suggestions For An Upgrade - Gaming PC

Could someone take a look at the specs below and recommend any hardware
upgrades for my custom built PC.

It's been built purely for gaming. There isn't really a currently problem with graphics.
For example, I CAN play Guild Wars 2 on max graphics (and most other games).

I'm just looking for a general upgrade to future-proof the system.

Here are my current specs:

P8Z77-V Motherboard

Intel Core I5-3570k

8 GB's Ram

AMD HD 7970

Not sure on my hard drive but its about 4 years old and was in a PC I bought from PC world. I'm guessing hard drive speeds will have increased since then and it may be a cheap quick upgrade? Although if anyone can answer; will the speed difference on loading games etc but that much different?
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  1. An SSD would be nice. Other than that, a nice mechanical keyboard or a good headset are always good upgrades.
  2. I've heard an SSD is only good for the OS and 1-2 of your most used programs as reading/writing to an SSD kills it much faster.

    Is that true or something I've misread?
  3. Its true, however with a rig like yours there isn't much else to change.
  4. Your computer is great for now. You should save some money for next/next next generation hardware. For hard disc drive you can get some cheap 7200rpm but 10000 ones are too expensive. So are SSD "discs". It will differ in loading screens (as far as I know)(dont know for how much) and if youll use FRAPS it does matter too.
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