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guys i suddenly got the hg6850 and i run bf3 campaing all settings on ultra 1440x 900 on my c2d 2,4ghz with fps 30-80,not recording when i record 24 , where are many effects the fps is below 35 40 sometimes 30 , i run medal of honor warfighter 45-50 fps on high some settings on ultra , my question is on what settings could i play bf3 multiplayer Caspian Border with no lag or minn lag , or can i play it , i have no money to upgrade to a better pc . im planing to buy q6600 2,4ghz to oc 3ghz ..
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  1. i forgot to say im playing bfbc2 maxx sett. multiplayer and no lag .
  2. From what I understand multiplayer is much more taxing than the single player. I'd think you'd be able to do medium settings pretty well, but then your CPU may cause a bottleneck.
  3. playing on a 1280x960 rez.. ?
  4. It might help out a little, larger resolutions put more strain on the GPU, I think your CPU will be the bottle neck so it probably won't do much if anything.
  5. could i play it on low settings it playable?
  6. It'll be playable for sure, like I said you could probably get away with some higher settings even.
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    Battlefield 3 is quite CPU intensive. Most likely it's the CPU causing frame drops, as compared to BC2. BF3 has twice the amount of maximum players and much better destruction.
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