Can i reinstall Windows 7 OEM onto the same computer?

Hi all,

After about 12 months of using my hand-built computer, it is becoming slow. I want to wipe my hard-drive and start out fresh. My question is is will i be able to reinstall Windows 7 OEM into the same computer, same parts. Will i need to activate it by phone support?

thanks for all your help
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  1. Technically, you weren't allowed to install it in the first place. OEM licenses are specifically for computers to be sold. You are not allowed to buy an OEM license for yourself or anyone in your family.
  2. The answer is "yes" as long as you use the same mother board. You may need to call for activation.
  3. Actually you can buy an OEM copy for yourself and install it on your computer that you're building. Once installed, it is treated like any other OEM: that key is bound to that computer. You can read all about it here:

    It's not for you to run off and start your own business, now, but it's meant as an easy way to get your new computer going on Microsoft software.
  4. Yes you can install it again 100% no issues
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