Do I needa 6- pin connector to my AMD Radeon HD 7770?

Hello, so I'm thinking of buying an AMD HD 7770, I know my motherboard can support it, I think it's a Gigabyte 78 GALMNT or something of the sorts.
Anyways, my 500 watt PSU does NOt have a 6 pin connector. It has 2, 3 pins, I want to know if taht wille ven power up the graphics card. Is there potential card poer failure, I'm on a low budget, the convertoer for(I dont even know what it is) to convert the 2 ,3 pins into a one 6 6 pin, hat is the better option

CPU" AMD FX 4100
PSU: I have no idea, all it is is 500 WATT
Motherboard: Gigabyte LAMNT or something of the sorts.

I just want to buy the card but I need to know if my PSU will power it with pins, but not 6 pins.

Also my email is
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  1. I'm sorry my keyboard screwed up writing this :P
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    Unless you enjoy getting a lot of spam e-mail, remove your e-mail address from your first post.

    Your graphics card does require the 6-pin PCI-E power connector. Without that connector plugged into the graphics card, your PC will not boot up. If your power supply does not have the 6-pin PCI-E power connector, my first recommendation would be to replace the power supply as it's probably several years old to not have one.

    However, I understand you're on a low budget, so assuming your power supply does have an available 4-pin molex power connector, you could use an adapter like this one

    -Wolf sends
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