GTX 660TI boot device led error on Mb

Looking for some assistance. Here is my build

CPU AMD Phenom II 965 Black Edition
Motherboard M5A 99X EVO bios version 8310
PSU 500w
G Skill ram 16GB

Current Video Card Zeotac GTS450

No issues, boots fine

Trying to install ASUS GTX 660TI Direct CU II OC,

issue: once I have installed and hooked up all power to the card and turn the machine on, it hangs at the detecting drives on the display and the boot device error led light remains lit. I am showing power to the card and fans are up and running. Get all the BIOS beeps no problem, just hangs at detecting drives....could it be my older power supply (DYNEX 500 watt) not haveing the required anmperage to boot up? I unplugged all fans, dvd drive and all usb accessories and still a problem.

Any help would be appreciated....or would you recommend an RMA on my new card
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  1. check if your hard drive is spinning
  2. Won't even get that far, mb goes thru its checks, CPU, Mem Test, Graphics card and then when it gets to Boot process, it hangs there and on the monitor it says detecting drives. Yet as I expalined, put back the old video card, all good to go. Now I know the PSU is not the best and only has 1 x 6 pin connector, this video card needs two, so I have used 2 x 4 pin connector to a 6 pin connector for the other plug. I am just wondering if its the PSU not meeting up with the required amperage and could this affect the required boot, by no means am I a comp wizard, first build, so looking at avenues before I might have to take it into the shop.

    Any help would be appreciated and thanks for the response
  3. uodate: purchased a 600 w PSU today...well thats not the issue wrt enough power...still will not get to the boot..old card works great...maybe I will update my bios
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