Is This a good computer to buy for video editing

Hello all I am new to Tomshardware but I notice every time I have any computer related issues this forum always pop up, so I decided to join.
I recently went back to school and I am looking for a good editing pc and was wondering if these specs are worth the price.

intel I5 3570k
ASrock Extreme 4 motherboard
NXZT h2 Mid Tower Case
Corsair CX600M Power Suppy
16 gigs of Ram Crucial Sport
Nividia Geforce GTX 650 Graphic Card


I just want to make sure I am getting my moneys worth.
I saw it on ebay

Any Help would greatly be appreciated.
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  1. You are being a bit short changed with that prebuilt (as are most prebuilts)

    Are you willing to build one yourself?
  2. Yeah, I am looking for the most bang for my buck, I would like to keep it around he 1000 price range.
    What is wrong with that pre-built and what should I look for if I get a prebuilt from cyber power, falcon etc
    I plan to use Primiere Pro CS6 and eventually AVID Media Composer
  3. Prebuilts are a bit unbalanced IMO
    Since you're not going to be CFX/SLI
    I am going to assume a non/minimal OC build

    You can start with the 705 cyberpwoerpc intel z77 config
    drop the case to a 300r
    dropt eh cpu to 3570 (3570k if you want a high OC)
    leave cpu cooling as is
    Drop the motherboard to a LX (or the Lk if you want more PCIE slots for future proofing)
    change the ram to 16gb 2x8gb (you can make it the patriot series if you want)
    Change the GPU to a 650ti 1gb
    choose the free $75 game bundle
    make the power supply cx500
    make the HDD the first 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 7200 RPM (note the 32mb cache one)
    leave everything as is on the second page
    add windows 7 HP 64bit

    and you're done and the price should be 1013ish
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  5. Thanks for the response, but what is the LX or LK motherboard?
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