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DSL speed issue

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February 15, 2012 5:06:50 AM

I ran a speed test on and it says that my download rate is 1.58Mbps and upload rate is 0.39Mbps. That seems like what it should be downloading at considering what I'm paying for it. However, I have only been downloading at ~330Kbps and uploading ~30Kbps. I've had a technician come from AT&T (ISP) and fix some bad wires in the house. We wound up replacing the old wire (from the 70's I believe) with some new wiring. Cat5 or Cat6 I don't remember. I finally thought that my speed would go up to as advertised because of the new wiring to my phone jack. It still remains the same though. Does anyone have any idea what would cause it to be so slow when says I am getting 1.58Mbps? Feel free to ask any questions if you feel you need to know something else about my situation.


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February 15, 2012 4:15:31 PM

Where are you running speedtest from, a computer attached directly to your dsl modem or a remote machine on the network? How are you measuring your download and upload speed of 330/30?

My first thought is that speedtest selects the best nearby regional server based on the lowest ping and down/uploads from there are the optimal that you could achieve, and indicate that you are getting those speeds as a maximum that you can compare to what your service plan is with ATT. Real up and downloads are to other distant servers that have other users so you won't usually get anywhere near optimal speeds. For example, my speedtest says that I get 3.4Mbps, but I rarely get real downloads near that speed.

You can check your network to insure optimal speeds on it though. I would recommend using LAN Speed Test to test your internal network speed to determine if you have an issue within your network.