Confusion about Nvidia CUDA Archticture and TESLA GPU !


I am confused about the two terms CUDA and Coprocessor in Tesla GPU'S .

CUDA is an Archtictue that enables developers specially developers who develope resource demanding applications such as video processing software

Coprocessor is actually any processing chip (other than the CPU) that acts like the CPU taking some load off it
Example : Creative X-Fi sound cards have a proccesing chip and ram taking the Audio proccesing off the CPU and onto the sound card !

Now the Tesla GPU has CUDA and its a Coproccesor

Here comes the question... :o
If the coproccesor can act like a CPU does this mean it can work with any software without supporting CUDA?!

And where the Heck can i get a hold of a K20X Tesla GPU online and for how much money?!
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  1. Tesla is not an X86 processor and cant run Windows
  2. So how can i run it?
  3. I want to get the thing running
    and Tesla is my only option for high performance
    can you help me
  4. Well here is where you can get a hold of one. If you are a working professional they are mighty expensive but there you go :) To my knowledge Tesla and Quadro work together so something like the K5000 and the Telsa work together at least from what I gather I was listening to what this man had to say.

  5. You mean Quadro K5000 with a bunch of Tesla K20Xs
    is better than Tesla C2090 with Tesla K20Xs
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