What is "Nvidia Shield"?

sorry to put it graphcis section, but what do u think of sheild?
and can it play games by itself? or does it need a pc?
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  1. From what I've briefly seen, "Shield" can run android games on its own, but you can use the shield to play the games on your computer on the shield's screen and using it's controller.
  2. why would i wanna play on a small 720p screen when i'am already in my home?? :lol:
  3. its destined to fail
  4. Because I'm pretty sure you can play your desktop games anywhere with a wifi connection.
  5. jthill909 said:
    Because I'm pretty sure you can play your desktop games anywhere with a wifi connection.

    like cloud gaming??
  6. and the presentation was not good too at CES.
    the guy started by saying "lets introduce u all to out project THOR, oh i mean project sheild"! :lol:
  7. Its way too ugly to be in my taste-.-
    sure it has some gd functions,but I dont think its worth bringing around.It'll only be gd for gaming, watching videos or even surfing the net would be a pain with that controller(unless it could be detached) srsly either Nvidia learns from other companies like Sony or they stick to PC hardware.It's not worth it IMO a good laptop is better.
  8. from what i can see the main function is as a dedicated android gaming handheld. the ability to plau your pc games on it is just somethig extra that comes with it. but i can see this is something that nvidia can leverage together with cloud gaming system.

    will it able to gain foothold idk. honestly i dare to bet that nvidia themselves might expect not to sell a lot of this. the way i see it this could be marketing tool for tegra lineup. with developing thier own device they can show the world what their chip really capable of. other than that is to attract android game dev to build much better or even truly A category title for android market. for example games like hawken that they show during the presentation. the game has been port to android and all the graphical action being seen that night are truly driven by Tegra 4SoC
  9. well i certainly didn't like it too much.
    it is just android gaming with a gamepad, and considering it is not a phone,
    u must carry it around WITH your phone, which probably is android too, so that u can play android games?? and that thing is really big too!
    so why not just buy and expensive tab or smartphone for gaming in high res?
    this is a very unnecessary product,
    maybe xbox tablet will do a better job with hardcore portable gaming
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