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Hello again guys,

Absolutely loving the community around here so i figured i'd add a new question to the mix.

I recently opened a thread in which many of you chimed in on a new build of mine, i have decided a lot of my components and will start ordering soon however i landed on a small issue, my monitor broke on me yesterday, meaning another $100+ to get this thing built. I had a small question that may save me money:

Will the i3 2220 bottleneck on cpu intensive games (such as WoW) with a higher end graphics card (gtx 660 or a radeon 7850). Currently i have a 3470 in the build, but that switch alone will save me almost $70. That being said performance still matters to me, if the game is going to have issues with the new ivy i3 i'd prefer to save for a little longer, but if it wont be a foreseeable problem then i would rather start building.

I have attempted to find benchmarks or other discussions though i seem to have failed, any links would be most appreciated and again thank you!!
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  1. I have an i3 with a 7870. I don't bottleneck. I can max skyrim. Games like BF3 multilayer will be a bit worse on a dual core but for most games, an i3 is fine. If you can swing the i5 then go for it, but if not, the i3 will be just fine.
  2. Wow doesn't require that much you should be good. A more demanding shooter type game might bottle neck.
  3. Yeah, If you choose to play more demanding titles later, you can throw the i3 on ebay and get most of your money back out of it and then go for the bigger chip... Just be sure to save the box and case badge etc. that comes with the cpu.
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