Good New Gaming/Video Making PC?

Any tips would be great.
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  1. If you're not planning to SLI the gpu, get a 500-600w psu. The gtx670 almost matches the gtx680 while being cheaper, grab that instead. Not sure on the SSD brand, will need other's opinion on it. Other than that, it's pretty good.
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    I made some changes :

    Cheaper psu, it's also a quality one, made by seasonic(the same for the corsair TX V2), it will do for two 670/680 gtx.
    Drop the aio watercooler and get the hyper 212 evo, cheaper and you'll have about the same performance, no risks of leaks.
    You can get cheaper ram.
    The performance difference between a 670 and 680 gtx is really minimal, a 670 non reference like the 670 gigabyte windforce 3x(it has the 680 gtx pcb) will be a good choice.
    Changed the ssd for better, the samsung 830 is at the same price, a 2TB hdd is suffice.
    The fractal design define R4 is a good case and cheaper
    I'd get an ips monitor for about the same price, and a cheaper keyboard as good as that one.
  3. Thanks to both of you :D
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