Low profile pci-e power connector for graphics card?

im looking for some sort of pci-e power connector that's low profile, small enough to fit in my case. my current case was just barely big enough to fit my card just fine, but obviously since I have to plug in the pci-e connectors, then the lid wouldn't close properly. So eventually I cut down the black plastic on the connectors themselves to make it fit. now the case closes but Its so snug that I basically have to screw the lid lock to keep it down, which im sure cant be good on the power connector or card. I have googled and checked ebay, but found nothing. the closest I found were numerous ebay auctions advertising a "right angled" pci-e adapter, but I contacted the seller as the pics looked suspicious. seller even confirmed it himself when he said the cord was just bent over at an angle, so its not a real right angle connector, lol.

any help for this would be much appreciated as I worry im straining the cord and the card. I already cut off the black piece of the cables so much that the metal contacts of the wires are pretty much level with the plastic. :-\
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  1. Just get bigger case!!!! You do not want to expose the wires!
  2. The wires aren't fully exposed. They are just under the plastic still. But I do worry. Can't really afford a new case, and frankly, most HTPC cases I've seen don't really look any bigger than my current case. :-/
  3. You can go DIY XD. Just make sure you do a gd job to not get any shorts and a gd connection. And don't go cheap on wires!! get some wire thats at least the same size as your psu wire~ Take the risk or take nothing :p
  4. Haha, I'm not even sure how to attempt that, and in sure the results would be disasterous, which is why I'm here seeing if anyone knows of any alternatives. I've seen pretty much right angled everything, but no (true) right angled power connectors lol. Perhaps I can make the connectors themselves a little shorter? It seems where they would plug in has alot of room to spare haha.
  5. Can you post a picture?
  6. Of the connectors?
  7. Bumping because getting emails asking if I got my answer.
    Also, haven't had the opportunity to take pics. But what do you want pics of?
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