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Graphics card with corsair 500w and phenom ii x4 965

So I'm going to be buying a graphics card later next week and I've been trying to research as much as possible. I want to be sure that I get a graphics card that's going to be friendly to my wallet, work with the PSU I have and be able to play Guild Wars 2 well. I've always used integrated graphics and this is my first build, so I don't even know what to expect with ultra settings or really what I'm getting myself into. lol

I have an amd phenom ii x4 965 overclocked to 3.9ghz, a corsair cx500w psu and a monitor with 1920x1200 resolution.

I'm going to stick with amd on the card as well. Not sure if I should be going for 7770, 7850 1gb, 7850 2gb or 7870 and I don't know for sure if my psu can handle the 7850's or 7870 if I were to overclock them.
Any suggestions? I know it's a quite the spread between the 7770-7870, but Idk if I need Ultra settings, since I have only used integrated graphics, but guild wars 2 is probably going to be the most graphics intense game, if not just another mmo later on.
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  1. 500W is plenty for any of those. Don't listen to people who say you need like 750W for a rig like that.
  2. well i had seen some people say that if they were going to go with the 7870, they would need at least 600w if they were going to even consider overclocking it
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    CX500 is enough to power a 7870 and your current sys. well no need to upgrade your psu.
  4. would going with a 7870 be overkill for Guild Wars 2, it seems like the 7850 can take the graphics maximized pretty well
  5. myrench said:
    would going with a 7870 be overkill for Guild Wars 2, it seems like the 7850 can take the graphics maximized pretty well

    its up to your budget.
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  7. It's not about the wattage when seeing if your PSU can handle the GPU it's about seeing if the 12v has enough amps. Keep in mind the 7870 is a DUAL PCI-E power card so if your PSU only has 1 PCI connector you'll have to go with the 7850. If you're only playing Guild Wars and MMO type games then a 7850 will be adequate paired with a strong CPU. The Phenom II should keep up for now but in ~2 years it's gonna struggle.

    Edit: I see now your PSU is a CX500 well that will be plenty for a 7870 and it has 2 PCI connectors. So the question boils down to whether you're willing to pay $50 more for the 7870 when you're playing games that lean more towards the CPU? Still definitely not a waste, in 2 years from now MMO's will be taxing todays GPU's at a moderate level.

    If you do opt for the 7870 I recommend the GIGABYTE version, it's quiet fairly cool factory overclocked by 10% and isn't voltage locked. Don't get the ASUST DirectCU II card it runs hotter with about the same noise level whilst also being voltage locked. And I think its factory overclock is less. As for the HAWK edition it's decent too but more expensive than the GIGABYTE version and it's cooler isn't a whole lot better.

    My $0.02
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