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Will this geforce gtx 580 work on this computer

will this fit on this computer and if so can someone recommend a power supply to use aswell
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  1. the cpu will bottleneck the gtx 580 and still u have upgrade cpu + gpu too
    what is u r budget so that i can make a very good pc of u
  2. There will be a bottleneck but if your system has a A10 5800k then the bottleneck wouldn't be very large. Also you should buy the GTX 660 instead. It consumes lesser power and is cheaper and is almost as powerfull as the 580
  3. i have a budget of roughly 800 dollars and would like to know what cpu to get any suggestions would be helpful
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    psu 70$
    gpu 360$
    cpu 300$
    mobo 70$
    ram 22$

    total 822$

    u r new pc is ready just all u need to do is use ur old parts like hdd and ram to
    rest of u r system s good

    rest of u r sy
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