Terriable Anti-Aliasing. CCC help?

It's been a concern for a while now that I think my monitor is broken. Pixel qaulity is bad (looks like water is splashed across the entire screen, only shows with light colors) and perhaps un-related, terriable anti-aliasing. Games that allow override with Supersampling-AA x8 look great. This game has a native anti-aliasing which is being used. I just want to make sure it's the monitor before I go out and buy a new one.

Thank you, I'm not very tech savy so that's why I'm here. xD

7950 Using CCC.
1920x1080p monitor
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  1. i don't think this is a monitor issue, maybe a driver issue?

    if this was ghosting or screen tearing then it can be a monitor issue.
    are all games like this?
  2. the picture looks fine...it must be your monitor itself.

    sweep and update the drivers and also try out another monitor..just to fool proof it.

    all the best
  3. +1 to Sidd on different monitor. Or if you don't have one spare, a different card. Just swap one of them and see what happens. Game doesn't look too bad to me, though your icons are a bit blurred, the text especially. Your monitor is 1920x1080 but this screenshot is 1600x900. Have you tried playing it at native res?
  4. i though that blur might be due to the game running on foreground at 1660x900

    you might also try using clear type to see if that works for that blurring issue

    edit:i had seen a person complaining of his screen going b&w.he also attached a picture and looked fine.it was only after that, that he realized it was his monitor
  5. tsk tsk tsk minecraft.exe...
  6. JJ1217 said:
    tsk tsk tsk minecraft.exe...

    You're thinking crack? :-) I'm willing to bet easily half the people on here pirate games. Look at the stats for the general public and then consider how much more technically-knowledgeable the average THG user is compared to Joe Public. Course it doesn't stop everyone gleefully jumping on their high horses whenever a Windows CD key is requested :-D
  7. For the record I have no pirated software on my computer. It's simply not worth the security headache. More so when steam provides all the gaming fun I need at $5 or less.

    Screen shot looked fine to me as well. I could see the arrows but I didn't see anything wrong. I didn't blow it up so not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. I do suggest borrowing a friends monitor and seeing if the problem goes away. And do try at the native res of the monitor. (and don't pirate games.)
  8. @every one here
    i had tried out a few pirated games earlier...i did not have any graphic glitches what so ever(not to sound like a chepo) ;-)
  9. Hopefully you won't now get a legion of users on their high horses passing judgement on you. But you probably will :-P
  10. fingers crossed for this ;)
  11. When I zoomed the image, I do see the poor aliasing. If MSAA doesn't solve those aliasing problems, it is likely due to the game engine not allowing you to apply MSAA to those surfaces. MSAA doesn't apply AA to anything but the edges of objects, and if the game engine doesn't consider it the edge of an object, AA won't be applied.

    SSAA applies AA to everything, including textures and transparencies, but many games don't allow you to use that either. MLAA or FXAA, depending on the brand you use, is the only thing that can help, but neither do a great job like SSAA does, but they also do not kill FPS like SSAA does.
  12. Lol, that's a valid copy of Minecraft. And thanks guys for the help. I'll try wiping the drivers to see if that does anything. It also happens in Chivarly unless I have SS enabled. (Adaptive doesn't work nearly as well for some reason)

    Edit I checked and it happens in all games.
  13. Nothing works as well as SSAA or FSAA (pretty much the same thing) in terms of fixing aliasing, but it also puts some real hurt on the GPU and VRAM usage. Most modern games will not work with those AA versions, either because they don't allow it, or it drops your FPS well below playable.
  14. Yeah SSAA is a thing of beauty, but it does hurt performance. 4x MSAA + TrSSAA / Adaptive AA is a good solution for less performance hit than SSAA but almost as good anti-aliasing.
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