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Hello, I recently ordered myself a new rig with a HD7970 and would like some options on hd3d compatible monitors(they must support 3D over DisplayPort) The Sammy ones(S23A7*) are not available anymore.
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  1. Unfortunately the list of hd3d compatible monitors is very small, and forever shrinking by the sounds of it.

    I would search around for a Samsung S23A950D or S27A950D, depending on whether you want the 23" or 27".
    I would also recommend using DVI for 3d/2d 120hz, its far less problematic, i had a few problems with displayport on my S27A950D.

    By the way here is the list of hd3d monitors:
    Not sure how up to date that list is though.
  2. Thanks, I had bought a S23A700D but it turned out I was scammed. Anyway I ordered a crappy passive 3d and plan to buy a new active 3d when one comes out. Thanks for your reply and sorry for my belated response.
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