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Gtx 660 ti vs gtx 670

I know the primary difference or rather, the only difference between the two is that 660 ti has a 192-bit memory interface and the 670 has as 256-bit memory interface. My question is what can a 256-bit system do that a 192-bit cannot?an example would be nice.
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    The Bus size doesn't matter until you increase AA.
    AA needs a big Bus Interface. Usually found in Radeon Competitive cards.

    GTX 670 performs better and is the Best "Bang for the Buck" from Nvidia side
    Usually people say that GTX 660 Ti is overpriced Card.

    I would recommend you to get a GTX 670.
    It overclocks high and performs near GTX 680.

  2. If OP doesn't care much for AA then the GTX 660 Ti is perfectly fine. Otherwise, go with the GTX 670.
  3. Overclocking a 670 gives you higher than stock 680 performance and doesn't take hits in memory intensive forms of AA or games.
  4. +1 to Sumukh. Don't worry about bus widths, just look at results (benchmarks). GTX670 averages 15-20% gain over the GTX660 Ti. Bit less in some situations and a bit more in others. Up to you how much money you think that gain is worth, though I'd personally spend the extra.
  5. a 670 overclocked can max everything but a 660ti can't.

    Depends whether you need everything to max out 60fps or not. the 660ti is just a bit low for that giving lows of 30-40 and average 40-50 I would guess
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