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I recently purchased an Athlon x2 270 ,ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2 Motherboard and 4gb ddr3 vengance ram...I already have my old Palit 8400gs and UMAX 600 watts SMPS..with my previous motherboard and processor(AMD 3200+ and ASUS A8VVMSE) The graphics card freezes randomly(may be after 2mins of use..or may be after hours.

My question is.. Does UMAX 600watts can handle the 8400gs with the new configuration or is it the problem of the card

P.S i dont play any only concern is 1080p support...i think the configuration below will support 1080P decently...please put your suggestions

Processor - Athlon x2 270
Ram - 4gb ddr3 corsair vengance
HDD - 500 GB samsung
22 inch DELL LED
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  1. Yes it will support.
  2. Please tell +12v ratings on sticker of your umax psu.
  3. ASHISH65 said:
    Please tell +12v ratings on sticker of your umax psu.

    Thanks man for the info !!

    This is the one i am using..will update the exact values when i reach home.
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