I'm sure this has been posted before.

Hello all, this is my first post so bare with me.
I recently got a Zamara or what ever its called, Z11 mid tower case. I tried loading and switching a HP S5-1224 slimline into the tower. It all worked, but in the end the power connectors had no way of working on the board.

Anyways, a long story short I rebuilt the Slimline back to its original self, and ran into a problem.
The computer turns on for a second, then turns off and repeats. I've read somewhere that you should leave the computer off for a few hours before attempting?
I'm normally pretty okay when it comes to computers, and everything is installed correctly (I've delt with this for several hours) and I'm still puzzled. :heink:

Does anyone have any idea what I could do, or what it could be?

Just incase here are the system specs:
8GB ram
Windows 8 Pro 64 bit
Beats Audio

I don't think anything else is needed. If so let me know!
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  1. power supply.

    if you have another one you can test that would be ideal. if you wish to be 100% sure. do setup out of case box on a non conductive surface and try adding one component at a time to see if it turns on ok and then move on to the next piece (leave cpu in) [add next piece and turn the computer on to see that it is still ok, if not then you will find your defective part]

    did you connect extra pin connectors for motherboard? the 8pin/4pin on top left?
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