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Hi. I built my computer, but I am not clear on something. When applying a file to memory, how does the computer know whether to make it a paging file or a RAM file? Does it depend on the type of file that it is, like the type of format, for example? Confused in Sandy, Utah

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  1. the page file is used if the RAM is full

    Its just some space set aside on the hard drive , and is astronomically SLOW compared to being able to use RAM
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    The pagefile acts as an overflow for the RAM if its ever filled, or as a place to shunt inactive files to free up RAM capacity.
    The computer figures all this out automatically and unless you want to start modding the core of your OS, nothing you can do to change it.

    If your running 8GB of RAM or less, its advisable to just let Windows default on its Pagefile settings (except maybe moving it to a HDD instead of SSD). 16GB or more and you can shrink it down to 100MB without much issue.
  3. Hi. @ manofchalk - 16 GB of what and 100 MB of what?
  4. 16GB of RAM and 100MB Pagefile.
  5. As man of chalk is suggesting if there is enough RAM you dont need a page file

    Even with 8 gig of RAM the page file is not needed for most people
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  7. ty, manofchalk. I remember now what I was thinking. I was thinking that the CPU uses certain cores for certain tasks or formats of files, depending on how much load is being put on the first 2 or 3 cores, in the case of my chip. I have a 6 core chip. By the way, my paging files would be used quite quickly as I have an SSD for it.
  8. manof chalk, why may I want to use a HDD for my paging files if I have an SSD?
  9. By default your pagefile will be as large as your physical amount of RAM, so if you have 16GB of RAM you will have a 16GB pagefile. SSD capacity is a lot more valuable than a HDD, so people often move it too the HDD.
  10. Paging is undesirable if it can be avoided. It occurs when your system RAM runs low. The biggest problem is the hard disk is about 100,000 times slower than RAM (not an exaggeration)
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