Asus VE247H - Good for gaming?

He guys, i am waiting for my ASUS VE247H to arrive, like a year ago they said that it had a lot of ghosting, is it fixed, and it said it had 2ms respons time is that true?
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  1. IMO you shouldn't really expect too much from a sub-$200 monitor...

    You'd have to find a good review of it to know if the 2ms response time is accurate or not.
  2. I Know, but im not gonna buy a 300 or 400 dollar one, if the diffrence is just a littlebit visible, maybe later. i just wanna play games like gta 4, minecraft, assasin's creed 3, farcry 3 etc. im now on a 40 inch led tv wich isn't made for computing... haha
  3. The monitor world is one of the most subjective things out there right now. If your eyes aren't real sensitive, you may not notice any ghosting or issues with color on that monitor. If your eyes are sensitive to that stuff, it might drive you crazy.

    The difference between that monitor and a $300-400 one will be different from one person to the next. For example, some people swear by 120 Hz displays. Some people stick to standard budget 60 Hz TN displays and they're fine. I myself could never go back from an IPS display now that I finally shelled out $400 for the upgrade :)
  4. ye, i heard you just have to turn of OD in the monitor settings menu. and im also going from vga on my tv, to dvi on my monitor, will i notice a diffrence in sharpness
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