No bios splash screen with gtx680

I recently built a new pc and everythings been going great, but i still have one problem. Ever since ive built this pc i never seem to be able to get to the bios while the display is connected to the gtx680. The only way i am able to get the bios to appear is by removing the gpu and connecting the hdmi cable to the motherboard. If i try entering the bios with the gpu installed all i get is a black screen. When i dont try to enter bios i get a black screen and then it goes straight to the windows login screen. I am unsure of how to fix this problem. I have tried to change my primary display to pci but when i save and reinstall the gpu the primary display just goes back to auto.

Ive been looking around on the asus website and there was a bios update which said " Fixed Nvidia GTX 680 hang when runing with UEFI driver." i was wondering if this would fix it because on the splash screen i presume it calls the bios UEFI setting.
I am a bit of a computer noob so any help would be appreciated. thank you.

My specs:-
i7 3770k
asus maximus v formula
asus gtx680 2gb OC edition
corsair dominator 4gbx2 ram
corsair h80 cooling
corsair ax860 psu
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  1. yes that fancy asus bios screen is a efi bios. your alway better off updating the bios on the new build to the last bios to fix bugs on the mb. on the mb bios they call onboard an ipgpu. that going to switch to the first boot device if you leave the video cable on the mb. also under that line is the line if you want to turn off onboard gpu.
  2. Ive tryed looking for the first boot device but i cant find anything that says that the first boot device is igpu or pcie, shouldnt it automatically change boot device? Also will the bios update fix this issue?
  3. download the newest bios for your mb.put it on a usb stick and use the bios updater under advance mode in the bios. the video setting are on page 3-27 of the mb user guild.
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