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I am waiting for my gpu to arrive and I would like to know how many watts I need for my system.I have a pentium dual core 2,5ghz 2gb of ddr2 ram my motherboard is an ga g31m s2l and the gpu I will buy is the radeon hd 6670 1gb ddr3.How many waats do I need.I currently have 500 watts and my current gpu is the nvidia 9500 gt.I am asking this question again because i want a clear answer.
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  1. your current power supply will do fine, 400-500watts
  2. Can you tell us +12v ratings on sticker of psu.
  3. your cpu is 65 watts
    RAM 4 watts a stick
    motherboard is 8 watts
    hard drive is 10 watts to start up 5 watts read/write
    and that 6670 is ~50 watts

    so your talking about ~150 watts. i am not a big fan of online calculators because they do add in a little extra but you can check:

    oh yeah a 500 watt is more than enough . . .
  4. ASHISH65 said:
    Can you tell us +12v ratings on sticker of psu.

    I dont know much about psu things but a sticker says -5v and 0.5a i dotn know what that is
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