Graphics card does not work with hdmi

My graphics cards doesn't seem to be able to connect to a monitor via a hdmi cable (it does with a vga)/ It worked for the first few months then just went. Will my warranty cover this? its a radeon 7850
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  1. yes u can rma it with service center but before u need to know that u r card covers any warranty of it
  2. How do i go about doing that? have no clue what eee and pda are lol
  3. here
    u have to first contact with service center in u r location and country
  4. okay thank you
  5. is it the card? is it the cable? is it the monitor? is the monitor a TV? did you do any driver updates that may have crippled it? are you also using the monitor speakers?
  6. Swifty, I am currently having this issue. Mine is a Raedon 9 270x. It isn't the cable because I am currently plugged into the HDMI port on my motherboard. My monitor is indeed a TV. I have not done any driver updates, could that actually effect it? I was playing with it in a while ago (About 45 minutes) and it just stopped after a reboot. Please please reply. Thank you in advance!
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