Already itching for an upgrade.

Hello folks,

So I've just built my first computer ever and already I'm itching for an upgrade. A cheap upgrade is all I can afford for now but I just don't know what, by necessity or importance should be the first thing I upgrade? What component should change?

Here's the build at PC Part Picker. See if you can spot Super Mario.

Mama Mia!
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  1. First can you tell us why you need an upgrade? Do you need higher fps in games? Do you need faster video encoding? If your build is fine right now, but you just want to spend some money, I would get an SSD. I personally recommend the Samsung 840 128 GB
  2. it's only been a couple days and you want an upgrade xD. That's an overall nice build, you could get a SSD, a better gpu, an unlocked processor. Imo, an unlocked processor should really be the last thing.
  3. Thanks for the opinion on the unlocked cpu, I couldn't decide whether or not that was ok. What would a SSD do for me mostly?
  4. Was gonna say go for an SSD but the site went down when I posted.

    An SSD is basically just a much faster HDD, anything located on it will load and start up much faster. So install Windows and commonly used programs on it, and you will notice a dramatic speed boost when it comes to generally interacting with the PC and at boot.
    Games dont benefit from an SSD's speed, though the loading times will.
  5. What about this Sandisk ready cache that I've heard of?
  6. I havent heard of it, but I assume it acts like any other caching utility out there.
    Here's an explanation and performance tests of a similar caching solution offered by Intel on their Z series boards.
  7. But isn't this Sandisk Ready Cache the same thing as having a bunch of RAM?
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