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MSI Laptop w/GTX680M vs (2) GTX275 SLI

Hello All,

I currently have a desktop core i7 machine w/12GB RAM and (2) GTX-275 SLI'd and another GEForce 9600 for PhysX processing.

I have developed some back problems which are likely going to limit me carrying around the huge desktop box for gaming. So, I am considering purchase of an MSI GT70 0NC-013US laptop. The laptop specs have an i7-3610QM processor, 12GB RAM and GTX 670M graphics card.

What I would like to get is some opinions on how the gaming performance of the two systems will compare including the PhysX performance. I would like to get at least the same overall gaming performance (both in terms of processing and graphics) if I make the transition.

Also, anyone else have experience wih MSI laptops? I've never purchased an MSI product, but it seems the GT70 series are well reviewed.

Thanks very much in advance!
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    well two gtx 280's equal a gtx 580 and 680 is a 580 with better cooling, keep in mind mobile/laptop parts are slower than their desktop cousins
    my educated guess is laptop will perform 10%-15% slower than your wise they are equal but mobile processor low frequency comparing to the desktop one will hold you back a little.
  2. I don't know how SLI GTX 275 compares to a GTX 680m or 670m. And I don't know about PhysX.

    Click the below link for a review of the GTX 680m. Benchmarks are towards the bottom. Be aware the benchmarks are based on laptops with different configurations so actual benchmark results can vary between different laptops. For example, the GTX 680m may be tested in a laptop with quad core i7 CPU, while the Radeon HD 7870m may have been tested in a laptop with a dual core i7 CPU.

    In the middle column is a list of mobile and desktop (for a relative comparison) graphic cards. Desktop card are in black text and the GTX 275 is not listed at all.
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