PC Specs

PSU : Antec High Current Gamer 400W
CPU : AMD X4 640 (3.0GHz Stock not Overclocked !)
GPU : XFX 7770 Double Dissipation

i want to play on dual screen or triple screen eyefinity but problem is

my screen is 24 Inch from Samsung syncmaster S24B350
and i cant afford to get another 2 of them

so im planning the Syncmaster S24B350 will be my main screen The middle one

and i want to search for 2 18-19 Inch screen both same model etc

But will that fine ?

wont i get something like on the middle screen i see something half and on the left screen is see the same thing half but not on the good position
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  1. That will do but You won't like the experience though. Also you need a powerful graphics card to play games on two or three screen. You can use eyefinity to do normal stuff but you're gonna need a better gpu for gaming on a multi screen setup.
  2. As already stated, it will work but every monitor's resolution will be set to the lowest resolution of any of the 3 single monitors which means that it will look really odd and out of place.

    You could always try 3 19" monitors with the same resolution (don't have to be the same brand). That's what I did, I have 3 19" monitors, each with a resolution of 1440x900 giving me an Eyefinity resolution of 4380x900 (with bezel compensation) and it runs really well. I also have a 4th auxiliary screen for hardware monitoring during gaming.
  3. solved ! he gave me the anwser for what i was looking !

    problem is there are different resolutions right of a inch like 14 inch can be 1400x900 or ......... or ......... etc

    i can get free screens but they dont know information about the screens

    also it it right that all 14 inch screens has 1400x900 or different sizes
  4. They can have difference sizes... i would expect a 14 inch screen to not be 16:9 or 16:10 but more like a ratio of 5:4 like 1280x1024, or 4:3 like 800x600 res.
  5. oke thanks ! i think i jsut keep a single screen 24 inch is enough for me eyefinity white 3 screens is just awsome and it gives some depth

    like a truck game the middle is the middle window left and right little bit placed towards you so its more depth but yea
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