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Hi guys.
I built this PC about 3 years ago so I should have all the part details listed somewhere if that's needed.
But, I was playing a pretty heavily modded skyrim, which is not a problem. But my PC just shut down in a middle of the game. And the APC back up battery started beeping, showing me a F02 error. According to what I found that means Input Short...
Now, plugging in the PC into the Battery gets that message right away. Plugging PC into anything else, does nothing. NO power going to it at all.

I'm running a quad core i5 i think...:D

But it's an Asus motherboard, with 12GB DDr3 Ram from Corsair, 2x 480 GTX SLI, and the power supply is also from corsair hx1000 watt modular

I'm guessing it's something with the power supply? What do you guys recommend. Should I just try to swap it out? If so, any recommended ones? Thanks again for any help you might provide. Also recommend what steps I should take if any to make sure my harddrives are safe...

Thank you guys i advance.
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    tests the ups with a lamp..make sure it working fine. with your the case and make sure the fans are moving..could be one of the fans failed and the mb shut off to save itself. on most of the newer asus mb is a power good led see if that on. also see if any fault led are on on the mb if there any. can try and bear bones the video card and no ram..see if there a cmos beep code will work if mb and power supply are ok. for the ps try the green wire test to see if the fan comes on..most times it will but the power supply 12v leg will be dead.
  2. Thank you for the reply. :)

    How do i test it with a lamp? I'm no pc guru. I just consulted toms for the parts and then consulted it again to put the pc together. Other than that, my knowledge is barely above average.

    But as of right now, there's absolutely nothing happening. Normally at least the LED's on the mobo are lit up (on and reset) inside the pc. Now nothing is lit up, nothing is happening. I will try it again with no vid cards or ram when I get home.
    Another thing, I have a haf cooler master 932 with 4 fans on side, one on top, one on front and one on the back, even still with as heavily modded as the Skyrim is, my vid cards hit 97c sometimes.
    Now I don't know if the UPS just overheated because of that, or if it burned out because maybe too much power draw? I think each of the 480s draw 300 watts alone...together with the rest of my system they could be pushing close to 700-800? Anyway i'm just speculating.

    Thanks again for any help. I appreciate it.
  3. Connect the UPS output to a regular computer lamp. It should light up like normal.
    97c is too hot for the video card. Can you pull the GPU and try it again.

    I tend to think the PSU died though.
  4. 97c is well past a video card heat limit
  5. same here smeeze, so roman you can test your power supply's output with a volt meter but you need something to start the power supply
  6. Ok I'll try that when I get off work. I know 97c is really high, I remember when I first got the 480s, I looked it up. From what I've found the card likes to run really hot.

    Anyway, I will try to connect the powersupply to a lamp to see if it work since i dont have a volt meter.

    Thanks again guys.
  7. Thanks for all the help guys! It WAS the power supply. I just replaced it wit a Coolermaster 1200 WATT one. Also rewired some of the inside so there's better air circulation.

    Another thing I did was buy myself a Samsung 256GB SSD. I tried using a couple of programs to clone windows over, but when I would try to boot up from the SSD by disabling the HDD that had the previous windows on it, it wouldn't let me boot.

    So i just ended up reinstalling windows clean on the SSD. I have 2 questions now.

    1. It wont let me format the old HDD that has the previous boot version on it.
    2. The computer says the SSD is 8% fragmented...I know I shouldn't defragment SSD...what should I do?

    Oh and another thing, more of a pet peeve. The Experience Index won't recognize the storage now so it won't show me the index. It's no big deal. Just annoying...
  8. you should be able in windows disk management to format your hard drives if windows did not put the restore info on the drives.
    with ssd they come with some vendor of the tools will be drive cleanup. (defrag). dont run windows defrag on the ssd. with your system make sure you have the newest mb chipset drivers installed. if it an intel mb you may want to install the intel istore driver for the ssd. run hd tune and see if your mb set to achi mode and has the right drivers.
    also check that the ssd and drives are on the intel ports if it an intel mb and amd ports if amd mb. some mb have two sata chipsets. most times if there issues with ssd or hard have the boot drive on the 3 party chipset. most 3 party chipsets made for data drives.
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