Which configuration is better?

i need to assemble a pc on which i can do gaming for atleast 3 years....just gaming nothing else....my budget is $300 or 25k .I just need cpu,gpu,ram,mobo,psu in 25k

i have two configuration in mind..
core i3 3220,gigabyte b75-d3h,readon 7770,4 gb ram,corsair 430 watt psu

or amd Athlon x2 270,Asus M5A78l-m LX V2 ,sapphire 7850 2gb,4gb,430 psu...

what will be the major difference in both and any bottleneck,fps difference :bounce: ....
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  1. I would probably go with more gpu power if its for gaming, however 7790 might be around the corner if u can wait. And u might get some more money in the meantime so u can get the i3 with a 7790.
  2. Agreed to the i3 with a 7790. That should last 3 years maybe dropping down to lower res and settings .
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