I use pinnacle studio 15HD for video editing and making HD photos into movies with music background. I wondered if an nvidia GPU using CUDA (as recomended by pinnacle), such as a GT640 was any real advantage over an HD7750. My CPU is i5-3570K and I have 8GB 1600 memory (2x4GB) and WD 1Tb blue hdd. Please dont try to sell more expensive GPU as these two match my UK budget. Cheers.
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  1. If it specifies CUDA then nVidia is your best bet....
  2. NVidia sure is better in handling these tasks. The CUDA Cores will give you a boost. In this case both the processor and the GTX card will be used to give you a better experience or faster speeds.
  3. Thanks for quick replies - another question - is the PALIT GT640 a good model or should I go for EVGA or ASUS even thought they are just a little more expensive in UK
  4. CORRECTION - its a Palit GeForce GTX 650 Nvidia Graphics Card (1GB GDDR5) from Amazon £83
  5. Correction - its an Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Graphics Card (2GB DDR3
  6. Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Graphics Card (2GB DDR3) Will 2gb make up for the extra Gdddr5 mem on 650?
  7. No. Memory amount isn't important. Go for GTX 650 - it's significantly faster.
  8. GTX 650 it is then - just have to wait until April now for my isa to come out !!!!
  9. It depends, only certain things and certain effects are usually accelerated by a GPU. IE, in CS6, the Liquidfy filter will use a AMD or Nvidia card for faster processing. Most of the other plugins don't use either card.

    You need to see if any of the features you use will benefit. If only say, particle effects are CUDA accelerated and you never use particle effects, you are no better off. If transitions are and that's all you do, then you may see a gain.

    Just because these apps are CUDA or OpenCL accelerated, you really need to look deep and you'll find it's usually only a very small portion or function of the software that is accelerated. 99% of the rest of the software doesn't care what card you use.
  10. zdbc13 said:
    If it specifies CUDA then nVidia is your best bet....

    If it says CUDA nVidia is your ONLY bet...

    CUDA is a set of programming library extensions developed by nvidia and implemented only on nvidia cards. ATI supports OpenCL which performs similar tasks as CUDA but is lagging in development.
  11. main use is converting old video films to dvd using studio so no transitions - and when I make up slide shows its for family use and I limit each video to 15-20 minutes so viewers dont get bored - but I do use the inbuilt studio transitions to change from one slide to next - wouldnt think its too demanding. Certinly my newish build with i5-3570K and 8gb Ram is an improvement on old 4 year old desktop - so perhaps I could go for HD7750 and keep within my imaginary budget
  12. That would do just fine...
  13. old card playing up - keeps crashing Pc so getting HD7750 this week - Thanks for your help folks
  14. surprisingly enough - her indoors is chipping in and insisting on GTX650 !! so collecting it tomorrow
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