What size power supply do I need?

I have just built a new desktop with a zotac 650 ti graphics card. After being built the PC boots up but no signal is received to my tv/monitor. I have read previous threads that suggest the power supply is the problem. I was curious as to how big a power supply I needed. Right now I have a corsair cx750. All the fans run but they seem like they may be a little weak. I'm running a couple 200mm fans and a 140mm fan. I also have an AMD quad processor

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. try using your gpu on another rig, 750w is more than enough
  2. cx430 will be enough
  3. I answered you your previos thread.do not create extra thread
  4. Sorry this was my first time here. it was an accident
  5. Ok so i tried the gpu in another rig and everything worked perfectly fine. Is everyone sure that the power supply might not be at fault? i get no beep on start up
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