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I tried to upload a file on mediafire but speed was too slow(around 45 KB/s).Is there any free file hosting service with good upload speed and resumable too?I'm in a college use and proxy to connect to the internet.The download speed varies between 100KB/s and 1MB/s.
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    Why do you think its the site and not your connection? Keep in mind upload and download are not the same thing. Upload for most people is very slow mine is only 1Mbps up it used to be 768Kbps. Some ISPs give less than that AT&T offers only 128Kbps depending on your package. College may also rate cap you to prevent you from sucking up all the bandwidth. Upload is something that the majority of ISPs see is less important the average user doesn't use much upload bandwidth, however since its a college connection it is most likely the college that has this mentality and is rate capping the upload.
  2. Interesting question! But hope, there could have been some open source application to boom the download and upload speed, challenging the practical scenario. The only way to increase it to make sure that your router is in the coverage area (range limit promised by the manufacture of your router) and its working in a band wherein its not congested in your area(probably 5Ghz)............................
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