1st timer, is this a good budget PC build

this is my first PC build and i have a budget of 600-650, i want a PC that can run games easily, (doesn't have to be on max settings), so is this a good build, what would u change
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  1. Givin where you have to buy from you are limited, so i think this is a good setup, If you could afford it i would try to stick in a 7850 for a gpu. But the 7770 should run most stuff.
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    Your PSU is way overkill. You can get something cheaper and get a better graphics card such as a GTX 650 Ti or even better, a Radoen 7850.

    Example PSU:

    Example GTX 650 Ti:
  3. That motherboard isn't a true AMD 970 board, it uses the old 710 south bridge, get this instead:
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