New Build can play BF3 on max?

So I ALWAYS see people "benchmarking" there system on whether or not it can run BF3 on max at 60fps. Obviously, I'd want to use my computer for many other reasons, but for the hell of it, I wanna see what you guys think about my build running BF3 on 'max'.

Intel i5-3570
Nvidia GTX 660
8gb Ram

Also, how important do you guys think an SSD is? Any thoughts would be great, thanks!
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  1. SSDs aren't very important except for loading times and such. They don't really affect the actual gaming performance much at all.

    You should be able to more or less max it out in multiplayer so long as you don't step on the MSAA and such IMO, but probably just barely. In single player, you'll undoubtedly max it out just fine, at least so long as we're just talking texture quality and such, not very heavy MSAA/AF.
  2. SSD's are one of the best upgrades i think you can get at the moment.

    And no offence but the information you've given us is pitiful. If your playing battlefield at 800x600 then yea no worries ultra all the way, if it's 5760x1080 then no chance.

    Hard to gauge anything without a reasonable amount of information.
  3. At 1080 full ultra you might occasionally hit 60 but think your average will be lower. Just have to turn down a couple of settings (like MSAA) and you should be OK.

    I will never go back to a HDD after using SSDs.
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