New 660 Ti reboots system

I received a new PNY 660Ti last week and put it in my system over the weekend, replacing a very old 8800GT. When I took it out of the packaging I noticed the metal bezel where the screws hold it into the back of the computer was bent. My first thought was that it was a return that had been dropped but nothing else looked damaged so I fixed it with a pair of needle nose pliers.

Eager to push the new card I bought a copy of Far Cry 3 cleaned out all old drivers and installed the latest ones from Nvidia's site. In the first 10 minutes of the game it froze with the speaker stuck on a buzzing sound. I did another driver cleanup with driver sweeper then a reinstall. Ran it through FurMark with no problems and it was performing appropriately. I then ran Far Cry for a couple hours and no problems. However the next time I booted the game up it rebooted the system in 15 minutes (no blue screen, just strait power off then restart). It has done that 4 or 5 times since at random intervals. I reseated the card and power cables last night but everything was already in pretty firmly already so I'm not confident. The last game I played on the old 8800GT was Xcom which never crashed. Prior to that I played around 80 hours of Skyrim with maybe one or two crashes.

I don't overclock anything. Should I start the RMA process or is this indicative of something else? Is there another free or cheap benchmarking test that is better at finding hardware problems?

EVGA x58 motherboard
Core i7 920
18 GB Gskill - Memtest 86+ overnight pass
Corsair 650 TX power supply
PNY 660 Ti - Dual monitor setup
Cyberpower 900w UPS
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  1. did you try 1 monitor first?

    the buzzing................. new nvidia cards also have sound through HDMI. uninstall the nvidia drivers and reinstall. only install the graphics driver and physx driver. nothing else.

    also good idea to turn off windows auto update and auto driver updates first.

    been to windows update lately? should see if there are any netframework or any other updates for your system.
  2. No didn't try one monitor first. Didn't think that would cause any issues as it didn't with my last card.

    As for the buzzing, it was coming from my speakers, I wasn't using the HDMI output. I think it was just an effect of the last sound that the computer output (played over and over) prior to hard locking. I should mention that its Windows 7 Pro 64 and its up to date. I have it set so Windows downloads but lets me choose when and what to install. I'll remote into the machine now to make sure there aren't any important optional updates.

  3. sound............... sometimes multiple sound drivers will conflict causing similar problems to yours. turn off auto driver updates. ( so windows won't automatically install the HDMI sound drivers ) do what I listed above about nvidia.

    windows auto update and auto driver update are 2 different things.
  4. I have never heard of Driver update. I have only ever seen driver updates packed in as optional updates along with Windows update. Where do you disable driver update?
  5. right click my computer/properties/advanced system settings/hardware/device install.............
  6. Thanks. Apparently, I must have turned it off in the past somehow. It was set to "Never install driver updates".
  7. When I first started reading your post I immediately thought "might be the power supply", but I see you have a good quality power supply.

    The next thing I can think of (other than drivers that others have mentioned) is do you know if the video card might be getting too hot. Have you checked the temps?
  8. I'm planning on trying out GPUz with its log feature while I'm playing. I know the furmark stress test put it up to 80 but it didn't crash during that.

    I was wondering about the power supply being flaky myself. I imagine the 660 requires quite a bit more then the 8800 (which only needed on 6 pin connector).
  9. actually the 660 might use less power than the 8800........ sounds odd but things have changed a little bit. might need to look that up.
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