Radeon 7770 or 7850?

Which graphics card should I choose the 7770 or 7850?
Obviously the 7850 is better but I'm in a every penny counts mode and I'm not overly fussed about having everything at it's highest settings.
I'm also planning to put it with the intel i5-3750k processer.

Any advice?
Thankyou :)
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  1. is this for gaming? ATM, the GPU is more important for most games vs. the CPU. If you're gaming, seems kinda silly to spend twice as much on the CPU than the GPU. The 7850 would go nice with the i5 3570K. If you can't get at least a 7850, I would reduce the CPU and get a better GPU.
  2. hes right u could spend $130 on an i3 3220 and it will be more than enough to run a 7850 optimally. unless u plan on overclocking and a lot of multitasking then i would get the i5. but for the most part, an i3 is great for gaming.
  3. I completely agree larrym. There is no logic in investing more money on the CPU if you are tight in budget. Especially while 3570k is at an over 200 bucks price. If you can afford, it is best to get a 3570k + a good GPU OR if you have to make a choice, I'd also cut from the CPU in favor of a nice GPU. It is no doubt that the 3570k is the best desktop gaming CPU atm, though it comes with a price and a high price if you have a limited budget. At the same time, if you have to buy 3570k, you can do with your old GPU (if you got one) for now and upgrade to a nice GPU later when you have enough money. Though, i do not know how much logical it would be...
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