PC won't turn on after first boot.

I just built a new PC, had everything installed and plugged in and turned it on to see if all the fans and so on would work. Everything ran fine so I turned it off. Then I thought i should try eject the optical drive to make sure that worked too but it won't turn back on. Any ideas why this is ?

No monitor or any other external connections other than power cable were connected during the first boot and nothing was changed before trying the second boot.

Asus Z77 sabertooth
Intel I7 3770K 3.5GHz
Nvidia GTX 680
16GB DDR3 1600MHz (2x8GB)
Corsair AX860
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  1. it may be a mb bios glitch. try using the usb flash back and put the newest bios code on the mb by the usb flashback port.
    download the 1805 bios and rename is z77st.cap if the mb wont post look at the mb for any fault led. most asus mb wont post if they think there an issue with the cpu fan. you may have to clear the cmos or press mem ok to get the system to post again if it a bios glitch.
  2. Thankyou for your reply

    I got a USB flash drive with the correct bios on it, (z77st.cap) However nothing happens with it when pressing the bios button.

    I have reconnected all the wires re-installed the ram / CPU. checked there was no damage to the pins, tried turning it on with only the MB/CPU/RAM connected and nothing has worked.

    There is a constant yellow LED on (the power standby light) when I connect up the power so I know it's not the PSU and that the MB does recognise it's receiving power but nothing else will turn on.

    The MB manual says it has other LEDs that flash when something is not connected correctly or working as intended, Non of these are flashing.
  3. I held down the Bios button for a few seconds, and it started flashing, whereas before I just pressed it. so thats good but it hasn't made it work.
  4. the usb flashback port is the bottom usb 2.0 port under the ethernet port it has the white writing on it. if the mb wont post after an bios update try clearing the cmos.
  5. Clearing the CMOS worked! I almost threw the little cap away thought because I thought it was just a protective covering.

    Thankyou Smorizio.
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