Which 7970 ghz card?

After a long debate on my next upgrade ive decided on going with an amd 7970 ghz edition card. I have narrowed the decision down to 2 choices:

the xfx double d 7970

or the saphire vapor x

Given that the prices are the sames after the rebate, which card would be better?

Also i do not plan to overclock past the factory overclock in the foreseeable future, i would just like to know which card will be running quieter, cooler, and more efficiently/reliably. I also plan to crossfire the cards in a couple months.

Also if anyone could help with my psu, i have ran my hardware through a couple psu estimators with varied results and am not sure if my current psu would be able to handle the card.

I currently have:
amd fx-6100 zambrezi processor (6 core 3.3 ghz)
2 sticks of 4 gb ram
500gb sata hdd
the current psu is a cooler master 600w

is 600w enough to power my rig with 7970 ghz ed card?

thank you very much for the help
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  1. SAPPHIRE Vapor-X your powersupply is good enough.
  2. personaly i would choose the vapor X
    SAPHIRE is a good brand
    if not the best brand for AMD cards

    but i would consider looking after this card a powercolor hd 7970 vortex 2 (NO GHZ EDITION)
    but still it is very powerful 175 mhz FACTORY OVERCLOCKED

    so 1100mhz engine clock - fore more specs http://www.powercolor.com/Global/products_features.asp?id=411

    and it is cheaper than the ghz edition
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