Cant uninstall printer software HELP

HP 720 deskjet printer. Heres what i did. I sold the printer to a firend who backed out of the deal. B4 he backed out, i uninstalled the printer software thru ADD/REMOVE programs (mistake??) I then went into programs and used the uninstaller associated with the printer software.

When I hooked up my printer back onto my computer, it instructs me to insert the disk into the disc drive. When i do, it says the sofware is already installed, must uninstall b4 re-installing the software. For the life of me, I cant find any files associated with the printer that could be telling it that the software is already installed. I dont know where else to look. Im not very proficient with the software stuff so go easy on me.

BTW, the printer worked flawlesly b4 I disconnected it the first time. When I power the printer up now, the computer cant establish communication with the printer. I was told it may be caused by the ink cartidges may be empty or low on ink. Anyways, I want to do a fresh install and then downlaod the latest drivers from HP website. Where can I find and how can i delete any HP files associated with this printer??? This printer was first purchased in 1997.

Any suggestions/comments greatly appreciated Thanx

mobo: gigabyte GA-7DXR
cpu: AMD 1.4
os: winME

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  1. This is from the HP site. Might try the uninstall method from the disk.
  2. Tried that and it didnt work. I still get an error message when I try to uninstall. I have some hidden leftover files somwhere that i cant find. Please help! Thanx

  3. Do a search in your "find files and folders" for anything pertaining to your printer. Type in "HP deskjet" or whatever it is called and see if any files are found. If so, select all and delete.
    Go to START/RUN. Type in REGEDIT. Navigate from the left side to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENT VERSION\UNISTALL. Look for any references to your printer software. If you find any, click to highlight, then click EDIT, DELETE.
    I would go into your printers folder and delete your printer. Then restart the computer and let windows reinstall it. Reinstall any updated drivers.
  4. If you do a search of "deskjet" in the registry, you will find a zillion entries.

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  5. Is the printer still in the list of printers on your computer? If it is, you must also delete it out of there.

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  6. JDT, You were alomst right on. Got me in the right area of the registry tho. it was in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HEWLETT PACKARD folder. Didnt have to go to the MICROSOFT folder and so on. Deleted the HP folder and re-installed perfectly. THANX for the help bud


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