Graphics card wont fit

I bought a new graphics card (MSI 7950) to replace my old HD 5450.
I found it will fit in the case but wont go down into the slot becuase another white slot is taking up too much space.
is there any way around this??
Please reply quickly :(
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  1. doesn't sound right. sure there isn't a high capacitor on the board?
  2. I had a similar problem with my 7970 inside of my CM Scout case. Try taking the MOBO out and fitting it to see if it isn't something else stopping it.
  3. - That is odd. Could you take a few photos and upload them so we can see more clearly where the problem is.
    - What motherboard are you using?
    - you might (depending on the motherboard and pci-e sharing issues) be able to place the card into another suitable slot.
  4. ur old HD 5450 was a single slot card and the new MSI 7950 will take up 2 slots on the mobo and on the case
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