I'm going to building a new pc in a about a week or so and have plans for OCing. However i have a few concerns about air flow. I'v made a few crude drawings of where i plan to put the fans. Plz take a look and let me knowwhat you think.

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Aslo if you know of any sites with tip on airflow let me know. TIA.

Where the hell is the power botton on this damned thing!!!
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  1. Checkout this OC cooling site <A HREF="" target="_new">Scott's Hardware</A>

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  2. One thing to remember with fans is they have a marginal return. Thus the more you add the less effect the next one has. Another idea to keep in mind is that heat rises, it doesn't move sideways like so many case designers want it to. The best bet would be to move the cool air from the bottom to the top. Therefore, I would lower your intake fans. Put a nice big one (90mm or 120mm) in the front or in the bottom. If you have it in front, angle it up a bit. The one on top is good, make it as large as possible. With a good top fan you may not even need a bottom fan. The air the top fan blows has to come from somewhere, and if the only opening is the bottom then that is where it gets sucked in.
    Personally I find that adding more fans, while dropping my system a degree or two, aren't worth the extra noise and cost. In my OCed system I have one intake and one exhust fan, and board temps are barely above ambient.

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  3. Also, if you do go the route you're planning it would be interesting to see what the impact on temps is when various fans are turned off.

    Never have I seen so many great minds bent on such small a task.
  4. heck with the cost of tha many fans you could go water cooling

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  5. Or hire someone to stand there and fan it.

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  6. IMHO, I wouldn't have fans all over the place like that. As someone else mentioned, all these fans will more likely than not, disrupt airflow. Have 1 big fan blowing out, probably at the top because of the nature of heat. Then, since you have 2 fans blowing in from the sides, that will probably be adequate. If not those (I prefer to NOT use them, as they make removing the case door a pain), then have a 80mm, maybe 120, in the front, blowing in. The air will sweep across the case, and leave through the back. If you would prefer using 2 fans blowing out, then use two smaller ones, as they are quieter, and they will be much more effcient than to 80mm right next to each other. From personal experience (though I have only tried on ONE case), a fan on the very top of the computer makes things worse. Again, you should probably do as much testing as possible, because every case on the market will have different airflow tendancies. Good luck...
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