Hp Pavilion P7 1459 New Graphics card, won't start


I just bought a new desktop as my old one's harddrive conked out. I started it up fine and set up everything, then opened it up to install the graphics card that was in my old computer and when I closed it back up and pressed the power button, it started to power up, then the blue light turned amber, for 6 long flashes, along with 6 long beeps, then back to blue, but the computer won't start up.

At first I figured it must be a PSU issue as I was still using the PSU that came with the desktop, so I switched that as well, but the same thing happened. Switch back to the graphics card that came with the computer using the new PSU and everything works fine.

Obviously something's happening with the graphics card, but I don't know what. Any help?

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  1. Graphic cards have amperage requirements from the 12v rail. Often you see a recommended power supply wattage for them. What graphics card and power supply did you get so we can make sure they can work?
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