Crysis 2 problem!!!

my crysis 2 shuts down my whole pc mid game, and it always seems to be in the same place...

please could someone help me fix this

computer specs :

AMD fx 6200 (over clocked to 4.4 ghz)
Asus sabertooth 990 Fx motherboard
Msi power edition R7770
16gb corsair RAM
550 watt power supply

(i think my power supply is too low, do you think i should buy a more powerful one?)
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  1. Well normally I wouldn't think the PSU would be underpowered, but the new AMD cpus draw a TON of power.... and you've overclocked it.....
    1. Go to some PSU calculator sites and see what they say:

    2. Run prime95 and/or furmark at the same time to see if power consumption is really the problem. Your computer might explode but it would answer the question.

    3. Could be overheating, use a program like AIDA 64/gpu-z to monitor your temperatures in-game.
  2. Are your overclocks stable, are your drivers up to date, and are your temperatures OK? What is the make/model of your PSU?

    550W is plenty of power for that system, but if it's a crappy generic PSU it may not be able to deliver what it promises...
  3. my overclock is stable i have my cpu at 35'c i updated my drives earlier and msi is the make
  4. "500W (or greater) power supply with one 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connector recommended"

    power requirements from AMD's site. u are under or at the bare minimum on power. 700W would be good.

    also, AMD/ATI are notoriously weaker than Intel and Nvidia, just sayin...
  5. An MSI power supply? I didn't even know they had any power supplies..... that's not a good sign.

    Anyways, try running prime95 + furmark as max1s suggested. If your computer survives, it's probably not a power supply problem - at least not primarily a power supply one.
  6. Come on guys get real a 550W unit is just fine for his system... a 7770 has a max power draw of ~100W. Even if you make absolutely crazy high out-of-spec assumptions about his system power draw e.g. 150W for his GPU, 300W for his CPU, and 100W for the rest of his system, a 550 W unit is fine.

    Realistically, his card is drawing 70-90W, his CPU could be up around 200W, and everything else maybe ~50W, so he's in all likelihood sitting between the 300W and 400W marks at full system load (and remember a game isn't going to put his system at 100% load... very unlikely that his CPU would be loaded to 100%).
  7. ^

    Nobody doubts that 550 watts is enough for that system. However, it could be that the power supply unit can't even deliver 300 watts ;).

    @OP: What the model and brand of your power supply unit? Please read the label!
  8. Just thought I'd step in before he took the crazy 700W recommendation above seriously...
  9. no my psu is corsair i though you said gpu xD, i think i will get a new power supply probably 650 watt
  10. No, don't. It will not help.

    You should try reverting overclock and checking whether it fixes it.
  11. Sunius said:
    No, don't. It will not help.

    You should try reverting overclock and checking whether it fixes it.

    This. Your power supply is probably not the issue, and even if it is, you don't need a 650W unit for your system.

    Have you run the furmark test yet? Because you need to do a lot more testing to get to having a best guess as the PSU being the problem...
  12. In the same place it crashes? It could be that your game is corrupted, if its on steam verify the game files by right clicking on the game in your library.
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