Gaming Rig - Bought Parts, Forgot OS! Which one?

All my parts have been shipped/delivered, and I realized I forgot to buy an OS! Which one would you guys recommend? I'm going back and forth between Win7 and Win8, and not sure if I should get 32 or 64 bit or what the differences are between the two. Also, Is the system builder version standard to get for a new build PC?
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  1. 64-bit, whichever you go with. You can always use Start8 to get Win 8 to look more like Win 7 if you don't like the tiles.
  2. Definitely get 64-bit. A lot of games have issues with 32-bit systems. And personally I'd suggest Win7, as Win8 seems sort of cheesy. But it's preference at that point, I suppose :) Just make sure it's 64-bit!
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    Personally, if you are building your own I would go with Win8, simply for the more lenient System Builder Personal Use License license that lets you install it on other machines or heavily upgraded machines without worrying about whether it will treat it as another install.

    Win7 technically only allows OEM install on a single machine, and if you upgrade the motherboard, or do enough system upgrades, you might be SOL.

    Besides, if the start menu things bugs you you can always get it back with Start8 or StartisBack...

    J_E_D_70 said:
    64-bit, whichever you go with. You can always use Start8 to get Win 8 to look more like Win 7 if you don't like the tiles.
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  5. Linux is a good choice nowadays. The main problems are if you're a gamer or you're specifically dependent on Microsoft Office, otherwise you should install Ubuntu. Abiword, LibreOffice, etc. are good replacements for Office. is my favorite spin, with Xfce instead of Unity. for the main one.

    Otherwise, if you have plenty of cash and don't want to move, go with the above.
  6. I would go with Windows 7 simply because Windows 8 sucks.
    It is true the W8 license is more flexible but the GUI is awful.

    Go 64 bit if you have > 4GB ram. Run 32 bit of you are using <4GB ram.

    4GB can go either way depending on how you much plan to upgrade.

    The previous post about game compatibility is false. There are really no issues I know of on 32 bit on any major piece of software and 64 bit is pretty much just as stable so it should be out of the equation.

    Also consider a dual boot Linux system.
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