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So recently I have crossfired two of the exact same cards ( XFX 6970) and have had nothing but problems so far. My monitor thinks its a gen non pnp monitor which is my my resolution the lowest possible and I can't change it , unless I go to catalyst control and force 1920x1080 then it works but only at 59z. Iv manually updated the drivers from the cd which does nothing except for change the name , if I auto update drivers for the monitor it goes straight back to gen non pnp monitor

I have a benq xl2024t
2x XFX 6970

Please help this is driving me crazy iv tried almost everything I can think of
Flash bios
Uninstalled drivers for cards
Formatted windows
Updated all drivers
Tried one card ( was working fine at 1920x1080 120z before crossfire)
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  1. Cool ill try that I'm at work right now ill let you know if it works thanks for your post :)
  2. So all that did was give me another analog option my gpu drivers are also up to date
  3. I've had this problem a couple of times. The first time I tried everything and ended up restoring windows, which worked.

    Then it happened again, after installing the latest graphics drivers.

    Roll back the drivers for your graphics card to a previous version. That seemed to work for me so it might be worth a try.
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