System reboots when playing games (new and old hardware)

Tyan Thunder N6650W Dual Socket F
2x Opteron 2220 (Dual Core 2.8Ghz)
New 1TB HD
New Corsair CX750 PSU
SLI Nvida GTX260 core216 55nm
Windows 8 Pro

Background- I picked this up at work from the IT department who was replacing it and recycling it. It originally had an Enermax 620 PSU. I put a new HD in and a single GTX260. I had no issues with that setup- I was able to game for hours on end.

I have a friend who had a spare GTX260 so I checked the extreme PSU calc and determined that the system with both video cards would pull just under 500W. So I ordered the Corsair CX750 PSU, thinking that would give me enough overhead, and set up the cards in SLI.

No problems setting up the SLI hardware or software-wise in the NVIDIA control panel. But, I couldn’t play any games (Borderlands 2 for example) for more than about 30 seconds and the system would reboot itself. I checked temps on the 260’s and they were never over 60c before the reboot. Temps on the CPU’s looked okay as well. So then I tried pulling one of the 260’s (still using the new Corsair PSU) and I had the same issue even with a single 260. So then I put the original Enermax 620 PSU back in and the system was fine again- no automatic rebooting. I then swapped 260's to be sure it wasn't one of the cards and everything was still working.

So my question- assuming I plugged everything in correctly, this would have to be a faulty Corsair PSU, right? I wanted to get some second opinions from you guys before I set up an RMA with newegg.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    It is quite likely the PSU is faulty, it does happen even to the best of components. I will suggest you begin an RMA dialogue with Corsair at this point.
    Probably not what you wanted to hear...
  2. Sounds faulty.
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