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HD 5770 High Temps. + Fan Speed

January 9, 2013 8:20:01 PM

My HD 5770 I noticed when I started checking it's temps. recently was idling at around 52-56°C and had a load temp. of between 94-97°C (though GPU-Z has recorded peaks of 102°C :( ) The idle temp is high but nothing to much to worry about but that load temp. is ridiculous and pretty worrying. The room's temperature isn't very hot 17-20°C (I guess) and the case's airflow isn't particularly bad nor is it dusty, 120mm exhaust at rear and 140mm exhaust at the top, 120mm side intake just below the card. The cable management is not overly tidy but neither is it obstructing air flow to the 5770. This isn't just at 100% GPU load either it's gone up to 96°C on 88%.

What I have noticed though on the GPU-Z log is that the fan only goes up to 80% (most likely a manufacturer cap) and only that far when it was at the 100°C mark but when it around the usual load temp. 95°C the fans only going at 64-67%. Now I don't know if this is the standard fan speeds for AMD cards but it seems a tad low, I suspect its the same for all cards as its still going too hot to be accounted for by a couple of % fan speed.

The card is two years old and I know that the problem could be caused by dust blocking the heatsink or dried up thermal paste. But is there anything I'm missing here which could be causing the problem or should I just go and the good old AC5 and reseat the heatsink and clean it out?

Forgot to mention that it's not overclocked