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So i just bought the Asus VS278 27 inch monitor. And i noticed when i turned it on there is an inch border of black. Well this makes this now a 26 inch monitor. I looked up how to fix it and i figured out i need to do some option changing in the AMD CCC but my CCC stopped working. When i boot it it just boots the add and the rest is white and if i click anything it crashes. I would love to utilize the full 27 inches of my monitor so if any1 can help me that would be great,.

What i want:
1. Get the 1 inch border to go!
2.fix the AMD CCC so i can fix it. IF you guys can help me that would be great!

:D thanks
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  1. uninstall ccc then install the latest version.
  2. I did that it did not work. Then after that i went ahead and installed and checked all the files were gone. That didn't work either. So i even did a diver sweep and got rid of it and did a fresh install. Still no luck.

    Now when I boot it all that shows up is the add for amds products the rest of it is white and if i click anything it crashes. If you have any other ideas or help lemme know.

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