My completed build?

after harassing the forums for nearly two weeks :ange: i think i have finally built my op gaming PC

Thoughts or concerns are welcome

i will order the parts in the morning
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  1. lol wtf
    what for are you gonna use this monstrosity?
  2. Gaming and graphic design. i buy a new pc about every 5 years or so and i want it to

    last a while. i also work from home so its a necessary investment. fried my last mobo

    with a core2quad, so its been a while
  3. Wow this is crazy! This is more of a preference thinb but I would go with Windows 7 Ultimate on this just so you dont have to deal with metro on 8!
  4. ugh, gross, i just looked at the "metro" tiles on Youtube :pfff: . definitely switching to win7 pro
  5. Yes, my point made you should not ruin this great build with windows 8.
  6. You would be better off spending $1200 on a machine every 18 months. . .at least then it would always be up to date. . .
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