NVIDIA or AMD - Which is better with Photoshop CS6?

Building a new system and can't determine which vendor's cards work better with Photoshop CS6. I'm looking at a GTX 660ti, or an AMD equivalent card.

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  1. Not all of Photoshop is accelerated by the GPU but some features are. They use OpenCL for their acceleration, which AMD has supported for a while but Nvidia is starting to support.


    tom's article on GPU acceleration, at least with an AMD card running OpenCL just to show it does benefit certain features.
  2. The equivalent AMD would be the HD7950.

    Probably Nvidia would be better, as the Adobe Suite applications can take advantage of the cards CUDA cores to assist in rendering. Though on the other hand if the application can take advantage of GPGPU and OpenCL/GL, then the Radeon would be the better choice.
    So you'l have to balance which technology will have a bigger impact on what your doing.

    The two are fairly close in terms of gaming performance, with a slight edge to the 7950.
  3. Is the Radeon 7950 an equivalent card to the GTX 660Ti? Saw this one posted in another thread here:

    MSI Twin Frozr Radeon HD 7950 3GB GDDR5 Video Card
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